Suffering from a unexpected break up is very painful experience for most guys. Your girlfriend dumped you and because of that you most likely feel:desperate, hopeless and sometimes you even cry (it's not shame), all because you lose her and it appears to you like impossible task to get her back A large number of people right after a break up make the biggest mistake of begging their ex to come back to them. They look needy and maybe they even stalking them. I understand that it sounds like the proper thing to do right after a breakup, however it's not. In reality, it is actually the worst thing you can take at this moment. But even if you think that your situation is hopeless, there are actually a great number of guy’s  which have experienced exactly the same thing and have ended up getting their ex back/.

NOTE: This article offers a ton of practical information, and also contain some very specific methods that could be of special value to you. l welcome you to read entire article word by word in order to educate yourself as much as possible, because this is something that really needs to be treated very seriously if you want to have good chance on getting her back.Below you'll find some of the most important questions that most man ask when they are in doubt on how get their ex back.

“I feel desperate”! what can l do to heal my broken heart?

Among the best techniques you can take to mend a broken heart is the contrasting effect. When you use this on your ex you will reduce the feelings of love you have for her greatly. What exactly is the contrasting effect?

In a study of men who were presented a number of pictures of really good-looking women, it was discovered that the exercise quite weakened the attraction they had for their girlfriends. This happened considering that once the mind sees some other, better opportunities out there, it makes you view your current partner as less important.

What can I do to mend a broken heart?

As an exercise to heal a broken heart, I suggest going out and getting magazines of female models.

-Take around 30 minutes each day in your room looking at the beautiful faces and bodies

-Picture just how great it'd be to experience romance with those girls, to kiss them and have passionate sex with them

-Realize that you might miss your ex but in reality if you had one of those models, you'd choose them above your ex

Overtime you are going to feel better about the break up and not be as depressed. Why? Well, what you will doing is train your subconscious mind to recognize that your ex are not the centre of your world.

Having the ability to see a more positive future than what you are currently experience, will mend a broken heart much faster.

Is it ever to late to get ex girlfriend back even after 6 months or a year of separation?

Trying to get your ex girlfriend back after long time could be easy or difficult in the same time. Firstly you will need to discover a few details about your ex. The initial step you'll need to take would be to see if she is still single or in relationship with someone. You need to recognize the difficulties that you are facing. If she is really involved in a serious relationship.Then, it's a bad news considering that you will need to put more effort in order to get her back, or just leave her alone. If she is single you will probably have a better chance of winning her back. And finally, you have to be ready for the unexpected when dealing with an ex girlfriend that you still want back. You will also need to find out is she still has any feelings for you.

Can l get my ex girlfriend back even if she hates me?

It's in human nature to say a lot of things in the heat of an argument when emotions take full control and then later regret it.

You need to be aware of the fact that females are influenced by emotions. Love and hate are feelings that are closely connected. It is about knowing how to push female emotional hot buttons, what to say and how to behave in proper way that will make a change on how she feels about you. If she can hate you with the passion then she can also love you with all her heart. And you know that you did it once before! She did tell you many times before that she loved you, right? Then why are you so sure that your ex girlfriend will never return to you or tell you that she loves you again?

 So, if you are able to push her emotional buttons and get her crazy enough to have her scream that she hates you then it's possible to push her emotional buttons and have her scream that she loves you, if you know what I mean.

Can l get her back if she just wants to be friends?

Have friendship with my ex, sure why not? You believe that this can help you to get a second chance when your ex girlfriend suddenly realize that you are her true love. However that’s not the way the things work.

Selfish as it sounds but she perhaps keeping you marked as a friend to prevent herself being criticized by you, family members or friends. By holding you as a friend, it also makes this painful part of breaking up easier for her.

Maybe she met someone else or she have intention on dating other person but she is not totally sure about that. This is not fair to you and will not make it easier to cure  from this breakup. She know that you care for her and she know almost everything she need to know about you. its important to understand why being labeled as a friend is a bad idea if you want to have a opportunity to get her back.

Can l get my ex girlfriend back if she dating someone else?

She broke up with you and not only that but she start to dating someone else.The question is, is it possible to make her to want you back again? The answer to this question is a definite YES, you absolutely can. There is a lot of guys who don't know this, but just because your ex girlfriend has another man in her life, doesn't mean  that is the person who they'll ultimately marry and want to spend the rest of her life with. Let's consider it, how frequently does that happen?

9 times out of 10 new boyfriend that your ex girlfriend has is a rebound boyfriend, which  isn’t a “proper” boyfriend at all. The thing is that ladies do this for many reasons, the main one being exactly the reason why they never last; They are only “rebounds” which means that they have allow all their usual affection based guards down and let the first “stranger in” for closure purposes mostly. If you think about that it really makes sense. Wouldn’t you do exactly the same, find some quick fix girl to show your ex that you are no longer attracted to her? These kinds of relationships definitely never survive so you have reasonable chances on getting her back.

The one thing which is important to mention is that your ex girlfriend will frequently compare you to the new guy, in case you can show her that she'll be happier with you than with her new boyfriend, then she will certainly be yours.

Is it possible for me to get my ex girlfriend back after l had an affair with another woman?

  In case you cheated your girlfriend and she split up with you, getting her back is only half the battle. The other half? Getting her to trust you again.

Since you sleep with another women there's no chance for fast reconnection with your ex girlfriend. You'll need a lot of patience and also the good plan if you want to win her back Your ex will require some time to get over your infidelity, and much more time to forgive you for being unfaithful.
And in some cases? She might never completely forget, because you hurt her so deeply. But still she can forgive you.
The best you can hope for would be to let go, take a step back, and then start another relationship with your girlfriend built on a clean slate and new beginnings.

Here l give you some of the best methods that you can use to get your ex girlfriend back. 

Don’t bribe her

Women really like gifts and that’s true. But if you want to get the ex girlfriend back, you’re going to have to do more than just bribe her with expensive presents. In fact, you will probably be rejected by your ex .Women want from man  to understand them, and by wanting to get your ex girlfriend back with gifts, you’re just proving you don’t understand her and are just throwing your money at her.

Sending a woman flowers which has already broken up with you is poor way for convincing her to take you back. Gifts needs to express feelings that you have for your girlfriend. They shouldn't be used to try to bribe her back into a relationship. This will only anger her and you will appear like a loser. So as you can see it's not a right way on doing things.

Make her vulnerable by reducing her confidence

If you show to her that you are strong after a break up  it will take her down from her high stool. If she find out that you are broken after a break up it will give her a confidence increase mainly because it means she has power to destroy a man.

If however, you aren't broken, it will lower her level of self confidence because it shows she is not very important as she believed she was. You can make use of this reduced self confidence to your benefit when struggling to get your ex girlfriend back.

 Women like to have a boyfriend on their arm to show off to everyone. No girl would like to be single. If her friends have boyfriends, she will feel vulnerable in their presence because it reminds her she hasn't anyone.

Even worse, she will be concerned about the risk that you could go off and get a new girlfriend. This is why it is important not to allow your ex to believe that you are still in her arms after the break up. If she knows she could get you whenever she desired, it reduces her vulnerability.

Use a no contact strategy to win her back

A very important thing is that you're not starting contact with your ex girlfriend. It does not mean that you are refusing to talk to her, or using some type of the silent treatment to get what you want.

How to use no contact

The best thing for you two is to spend some time apart (remember that you and your ex are right now in the long distance relationship) Showing up, calling, emailing. text messaging  all of that stuff just puts her into a more and more uncomfortable position. You need to completely gone from her sight.

Now try to imagine your ex checking her phone after she dumps you, and finding nothing from you at all. No messages, no emails, no voice mail, no text messages. What do you think goes through her mind at that point? Of course YOU are on her mind.

Your ex girlfriend is not only going to be thinking about you, she’s also going to be wondering what you’re doing. She may even discover (perhaps to her surprise) how much she miss you, and this is a neat little psychological angle. The more your ex thinks about you, the more is probable that she will again fall in love with you.

But still, she wants YOU to be the one who wants her desperately. By seeing you chase after her or hearing that you’re asking about her is food for her ego. But what about when that does not happen?

When applying this technique do not be amazed if your ex contacts you, this is usually a very good sign, so do not shut any opportunity for your ex to contact you.

Make Her Jealous by being confident

When you are in a situation where your ex girlfriend sees you very often, or hears something about you from her friends, then you have opportunity to make her jealous. If you start going out with a rebound girlfriend, and your ex girlfriend discover this, she will certainly get jealous. If it's hard for you to find a new girlfriend, just renew friendship with someone you used to date. I advice you to just flirt with a girl noting serious.

Recreate yourself. It's not necessary to have a complete makeover to look great. Lose a few pounds by going in a gym, take care of your looks, get clothes that will improve your appearance, try new hobbies that will make you feel excited. Boost your confidence by acting like alpha male. Go out with a best friends and have a great party. No one likes to hear that their ex feels great after break up. Don't forget who you were before you dated your ex-girlfriend. She found you attractive- so what changed? Returning to who you were, is absolutely essential if you want her  to realize her mistake for letting you.

Keep your friends and make it public how happy you are being single. Present new girls that you're dating to your group. Gossip can be one of the most effective ways of making your ex-girlfriend jealous. Let her hear how great you're doing without her, what beautiful girls you're dating and how much you've changed. Have fun as much as possible. It won't just make her jealous, it'll make her want to attract you again and get you back

Finally, in making your ex-girlfriend jealous: don't get jealous. If she sees you acting jealous, she'll know you still care. When you see her, play it cool. Stay relaxed, friendly but distant. And always cut the conversation short before she's ready. Be a man, and walk away without looking back. It might be tough, but it reinforces the idea you've moved on and she'll wonder why you are ignoring her.

Use FACEBOOK to make her jealous

 Facebook is definitely a great way to make an ex partner jealous so here l give you some very good tips to make your ex jealous in efficient way.

Number One:

Have in mind to not post status updates on Facebook about your frustration or sorrow, regardless how lonely you are. The same can also be mentioned with posting on how much you enjoying or how happy you are about currently being single . It will only look  insincere and you will appear like someone who just pretending to be happy. So what should you use as a starting point?

Step Two:

Express it with pictures. You go out, hang out with your good friends and take pictures with them. Make sure in all those pictures you're happily smiling. Consider it as a bonus if your ex’s friends see you looking 100% great and happy.

Step Three:

Another effective method is to write jokes or drop short messages to friends’ Facebook profiles. Whatever your message contains, intentionally do not say things which are associated with your ex. Make it clear that you are not longer interested in her.

Step Four:

Don’t be specific with your relationship status, just leave it blank. This works particularly if you have put “single” after the break-up. Removing it will feed ideas to your ex’s mind that perhaps you are in a relationship again. Now, who will not get jealous?

With this, your ex is probably going to realize what she has been missing all this time, and she will want to get back together with you.

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